What people are saying about Beautiful Outlaw  and OutlawCast:


 “Dare I hope it's true, that Jesus is this real? and as human as I am. I have heard it all my life, yet sometimes the things i've been told make him seem so far away. That He is pursuing me, to help me and love me, and that he is not upset with me. and that he laughs. Oh, I have hope that it's all true. and i love him more and more and look forward to getting to know him as He Really is. Thank you for sending this. I am praying I can share this good news that others may know and not be afraid of him anymore. and that no matter what happens He still loves us all.”

– Francine, Tennessee

“It has helped me very much in understanding what is Jesus really like, why he acted as he did... I love him more then ever before.”

– Zuzana, Slovakia

“I ordered a box of the books from Amazon a few weeks ago and have been passing them out to folks here in Iraq who work for the United Nations. I've had some of the best "spiritual" conversations ever, with hard core atheists, because instead of "evangelizing" them, we just talk about the real Jesus. It's Beautiful.”

– Kris, Iraq

“I have been struggling with abandonment issues for years. I have experienced depression in a way that has gotten me really down.   My dad was abusive to my mother, my brothers and me.  The Lord has pruned me to the dirt through different circumstances that hve happened here lately.  My daughter, Faith read your book, "The Beautiful Outlaw" out loud to me on a Saturday.  She read for 9 hours, stopping only once to eat.  I grabbed the phrase "Jesus in me, HELP ME.  He has helped me.  I have wounded from my woundedness. At the age of 63 and after being in ministry for over 22 years, helping homeless and abused women and children find  healing through Jesus Christ, I have been rudely awakened to the fact that I have used religion and legalism to keep myself afloat emotionally.  I have in turn wounded my sweet husband, Phil and my 3 children, Faith , Allen and Stephen.  I have asked their forgiveness.  My soul has a certain empty feeling that I want to become full with Jesus only. Jesus in me Help me has been my cry when I feel this pruning process.  Growing back into the flower got wants me to be is the accute concern for me now.”

– Sharon, Alabama

“It makes me smile, it is such a different view, for someone who didn't see any personality, only character in Jesus! It makes me wanna spend more time with him!”

– Laurent, France

“Wow.  I laughed so hard so hard, with tears running down my face, I could hardly catch my breath.  Later, the tears overflowed again with realization of his earthbound humanity--that He KNOWS my pain by His experience.  Growing up awed by stained glass windows and placid statues, in all my years of seeking Him, for the first time, I got a true glimpse of the REAL person of Jesus!  I am FIRED UP--this is a God to fall in love with--a real MAN, not a "religion".  Your reading of the Gospel stories, from a perspective I'd never seen before...playful? ...frustrated? ...an extravagant partier?!?  Wow.  How do I become part of this??”

– Terri, Illinois

“It was too good to be true. A real honest and open look at the Man who is the Son of God. I've  always hoped and wished that Jesus would be like John E. portrays him. A common sense man acting in a common sense way with the love of God towards common people. I can easily relate to and be at ease and be a friend to a man like this. Very freeing, healing and refreshing. It makes Him real in my heart.”

– Joe, Nevada

“I have suspected that Jesus is much more than who is taught to be for so many years. I met him on a Saturday morning after a long night of coke, hard liquor, and a man in a hotel I didn't even know. I was 21 years old and had lived liked that since I was 13, basically(I am 50 now). He met me "at the well" in front of my house and his presence completely changed my life. But THEN...I met religion. Taste not, touch not...beat over the head with Jesus' words again and again…People who claimed a right to my life in the guise of religious authority who never met me where I was, but constantly demanded I live up to standards they didn't even live up to. (No tv, movies, church all the time, mandatoray attendance to "Bible conferences even when my kids were sick, or I was sick, even throwing up pregnant with twins!! I lay by the toilet that whole week, but damn it! my body was in the city where the Bible conference was!! Even after a miscarriage!! Be there. Get over it! You can have more kids! I am NOT kidding you!! and my husband was right there with them!") I began to believe that Jesus was this hard. We were pastors. I spread this crap against my better judgment, afraid I'd go to hell if I didn't. I started to see it was not right and then I started getting into real trouble. We are now not pastoring b/c of so much destruction to our family, including our 4 kids. 24, 21, 14 year old twins. What rebellion they have exhibited and I understand why. I am praying for Jesus to reveal himself to my children for who he really is, not who they were taught he was…To hear John bring Jesus back to life is so exhilarating (sp?) and freeing!! It takes great courage to stand up for people like this book does!!! …Revolution, baby!”

– Lisa, Texas

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation of your indepth personal experience of living with Jesus. You could be the 13th apostle.”

– Ron, Canada

“I just finished watching it live and I am almost speechless.  How did I not know about this Jesus?  Why hasn't anyone ever told me about this Jesus?  This is a Jesus that I can follow!  Dare I say it?  This is a Jesus I can fall in love with! I triple dog dare you to watch at least 10 minutes and then stop.”

– Gary, Oregon

“i was watching it, and halfway through the fun and the joy of hearing John E. talks about the biblical Jesus, i had to pause and attend a small bible study in our church. i took my seat in the pew and as i sang along with the congregation, i sang 'My Jesus I love Thee' in our local language (tagalog), but there were tears in my eyes. I haven't felt like crying over a hymn that has become like a stagnant boring pool over the years of religiosity and legalism that had seemed to hover our church, which apparently would eventually affect songs you sing for the Lord. But tonight was different. I was singing the same boring hymn. But this time the words meant something more... because the real Jesus was just preached over this webcast, Beautiful Outlaw.. and i was given a glimpse, not of an apathetic Lord, but a loving one. Our Jesus that is compassionate. Our Lord that is playful, like me. That was truly something amazing to hear. I feel more of a 'creation' that was truly created by an awesome Creator.”

– Cheloy, Phillipines